Andy Wolf – Click here to read more

From their humble beginning of 3 friends, it grew to 30, and to presently 50 people. The Andy Wolf company is truly an independent company that has the grit, the guts, and the vision to bring such a beautiful collection to the world. The epitome of refined unconventional elegance.


BLAKE KUWAHARA- Click Here to read more

The Blake Kuwahara collection is comprised of Sunglasses and Optical frames, most coming in a neutral pallet of varying shades and combinations of black, blue, gray and tortoise colors. Kuwahara’s design is based on a frame within frame concept. He takes a vintage inspired frame shape, and then encases it in another translucent acetate color and shape.



Etnia Barcelona – Click here to read more

Etnia Barcelona has been creating eyewear since 2001 in Barcelona, Spain. They have a passion for eyewear, culture, travel and art. They draw their inspiration from talented artists from the worlds of fashion, photography, street art, and from the city and soul of Barcelona herself.




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Fhone- Click here to read more

When you see the Fhone line, you can immediately tell that it is German. Fhone design is all about strong angles, brushed and shiny titanium metal and a little bit of funk in many of their designs. It’s simple, cool and clean. So different from anything else we have in the shop, it’s so…German! (And that’s exactly why we have it in the shop!)



Garrett Leight – Click here to read more

The company was founded in 2011 as Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) by none other than it’s namesake, Garrett Leight. Brought up as the child of an optician and designer, it was only natural that Garrett would catch the eyewear bug and ventured out into the biz for himself. GLCO has some serious optical heritage.


l.a. Eyeworks – Click here to read more

L.A. Eyeworks has been around for over 40 years. They are the darlings of expressive eyeglass wearers everywhere. They have fans who have been wearing them for over 40 years, like Elton John, and they continue to captivate and appeal to eyewear newbies.




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Salt. – Click here to read more

Salt incorporates a timeless vintage flair into their sleek modern frame designs, but they are far from “trendy.” Salt. is a brand for people who like simple things made well. They take pride in producing high quality frames made from Japanese titanium and acetates, and it definitely shows.



Tavat – Click here to read more

Tavat is for people who have the latest tech in all of their devices, but prefer to carry all that tech in a vintage leather satchel. Tavat is a family owned eyewear company. Even better still, it is the brainchild of a family of opticians. Since 2010, It has been designed locally in Pasadena, and carefully hand crafted in Italy. They invented new construction methods, and explore alternative lens technology. Tavat did their R&D right, and it shows.

Tom Davies

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Vuarnet – click here to read more

Yes kids, this is the stuff that legends are made of. After the 1960 Olympics the two became partners – and the Vuarnet sunglass brand went on to become an iconic powerhouse all over the world, for decades. It was sporty. It was elegant. It was French.