l.a. Eyeworks

Remember when you were growing up and your mom and dad always told you to, “Just be yourself, people will like you just the way you are – and if they don’t, then you don’t want to be friends with them anyway.” *eyeroll*

We all know this sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds…

It does take effort to be ourselves, to think about what we like and to purposely create our lives to how WE want it. It takes effort to consciously and actively do what makes US happy.

It takes effort to wake up and realize that what we see on TV is someone ELSE’S idea of beauty, success, etc.

To be ourselves, it takes a special kind of disagreeableness. To be ourselves, it takes a certain kind of insightfulness. It might feel like we are swimming upstream alone, until we look around and spot a few others doing the same.
Enter l.a. Eyeworks. Two opticians opened a shop on Melrose Avenue in 1979, and couldn’t quite find a collection that THEY wanted to sell.

So they made their own.

 L.A. Eyeworks has been around for over 40 years.

 They are the darlings of expressive eyeglass wearers everywhere.

They have fans who have been wearing them for over 40 years, like Elton John, and they continue to captivate and appeal to eyewear newbies.

Co-founders and co-owners Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds design their iconic collection in Los Angeles, and manufacture in Japan and Italy. New styles come out in the Spring and Fall, with some smaller releases in between.
L.a Eyeworks is known internationally and has won several design awards in the the fashion industry, as well as awards in advertising for their creative marketing.
l.a. Eyeworks Portrait Campaign
"A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame."

- l.a. Eyeworks
 Gherardi and McReynolds used their insight and disagreeableness as opticians to bring something lacking to the fashion scene. The l.a. Eyeworks  collection has funk. It has sparkle. It has sparkly cat eyes, and rainbow pentagons and "frog toes."
 l.a. Eyeworks Blakeyl.a. Eyeworks Selectric

The designs are original, the colors are rich, and the quality is magnificent.

All frames are hand made and come with a high quality Anti Reflective demo lens… SO you can just wear as is as an accessory right off the shelf if you don’t need prescription, and if the desire so strikes you. Or have your prescription lenses put in those bad boys so you can see how awesome you look.

 Life is too long to try to fit in with people

who don’t really “get you”

or to fill your time and your life

with things that don’t really matter to you.

Something tells me l.a. Eyeworks thinks so too. Like attracts like. Let’s find our kind of people by putting ourselves out there!
If you love to crochet your own clothes, go for it!
If you love to bake homemade goodies, share them!

And if you love funky fun glasses, let’s try on some l.a. Eyeworks.

Just be yourself.
Whoever you are, be it.

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