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Andy Wolf

Stand in your own light. Be inspired by, and inspire. Unconventional beauty is the best kind of beauty. This is what we live for. Brands and companies that truly adhere to this standard of ethics both in their design, and in practical applications.   Andy Wolf clearly understands this and has designed something that you can wear while marching to the beat of your own drum. This line is for people whose style is couture and minimal, yet stands starkly…

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Food, Fashion and Frames in the OC MIX

Being located inside the OC Mix at SOCO, we see our fair share of creative microcosms. The foodies, the fashion, and the interior design. The OC Mix in the SOCO center is where all my favorite creative worlds collide in a fascinating, delicious, and colorful pallet of artisan goodies. But where do glasses fit into this mix? Glasses are just something you put on to see the menu, right? Think again. Have you noticed that your interior designer has the coolest pair…

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Customizing your Glasses

What are custom made glasses? Why do I care? Have you ever looked at a pair of sunglasses and thought, “Man, these look great, but this ___(insert complaint here)___ is just not me. I would totally get these if they had __(insert solution here)__.” We are like little genies that can grant your optical wishes. Do you need an optical genie? Continue reading please. Part of being an independent optical shop is being able to say to you: “That’s okay,…

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Fhone Eyewear

If you yell out into an empty abyss “Who am I supposed to be?” The only answer you will likely get in return is an endless echo of yourself asking the same question. You can ask yourself forever, but the answer will always be yourself answering you back. You are supposed to be, you! Enter Fhone, from the original creators of Freudenhaus circa 1991.  “QUALITY. Being German, we stay true to our roots.” Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer are the…

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Bevel Specs – Committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist esthetic

Bevel’s mission is to enhance the natural beauty of the person behind the eyeglasses with a frame that provides lasting balance and comfort.  They focus their collections on a minimal approach to design and blend fresh natural combinations of color.  Bevel is one of the very few USA based high end optical companies to forge its own path to success through its collection of bold and beautiful eyewear designs.     Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson founded Bevel in 1999…

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Innovative. High Performance. Elegant.

This was the hope of creators Roger Pouilloux and Jean Vuarnet when they set out to create a brand that was a reflection of their own personal character back in 1960… The story goes that Roger was an avid ski enthusiast and avant garde optician who offered the French professional skier Jean Vuarnet a pair of sunglasses – just because he was a fan. Vuarnet wore the gifted sunglasses with Skilynx lenses and went on to win the Olympic gold…

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Sea Air Land Timeless = Salt.

To local people in the know, Costa Mesa, CA is a special place where culinary geniuses go for coffee and tekkies congregate in a host of communal shared workspaces and gathering places like the Lab, Wayfare HQ, and my favorite (I am biased of course) the OC MIX. It’s not Newport Beach, and it’s not Huntington Beach. It’s slightly grittier and off beat, and we like it that way… Costa Mesa is also quietly becoming a hotbed of design and…

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Etnia Barcelona

Authenticity is hard to come by these days. In any field whether it be fashion, technology or politics, it seems like everyone is so busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ that they lose their own direction.  But when you find your own path again and you find that inner spark that refuses to be put out, when you have that unrelenting drive to create, when you can no longer pretend to be something you are not… You are…

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Intro to Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames found at a flea market

When I first started collecting vintage frames, I knew the basics that every optician knows about old glasses: they’re old, they’re most likely gold and they’re super cool. But then I really dove into researching the details and discovered what I thought I knew about these vintage treasures was slightly lost in translation. So if you’re into vintage glasses, this is where you’ll find answers to all the questions you never knew you had. Enjoy!  What exactly are “Vintage Frames”?…

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AO (American Optical) Trial Set – 40 Years Of Research

You will soon know that we are obsessed, not only with the history and design of vintage eyewear, but also the history of refraction; when and how it began.  With technology now days, walking into your Optometrist’s office, you are least likely to see one of these, a trial set. Nothing is more important to a refractionist than his trial set.  It is his means of providing his patients with accurate Rx lenses.  A trial set is a refractionist’s “court…

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