Sea Air Land Timeless = Salt.

To local people in the know, Costa Mesa, CA is a special place where culinary geniuses go for coffee and tekkies congregate in a host of communal shared workspaces and gathering places like the Lab, Wayfare HQ, and my favorite (I am biased of course) the OC MIX. It’s not Newport Beach, and it’s not Huntington Beach. It’s slightly grittier and off beat, and we like it that way…

Costa Mesa is also quietly becoming a hotbed of design and innovation.

Carving out a legacy of design for themselves is Salt.,

a Costa Mesa based eyewear company

born from a love of nature and design in 2006.

Sea Air Land Timeless = Salt. 

Salt takes their color and aesthetic inspiration from elements in nature.

Frame colors of deep blues and rich tortoises take their cue from Costa Mesa’s nearby beaches and delight us with their wearability. They incorporate a timeless vintage flair into their sleek modern frame designs, but they are far from “trendy.”

Salt. is a brand for people who like simple things made well.

They take pride in producing high quality frames made from Japanese titanium and acetates, and it definitely shows.


But we don’t love Salt. for the mere mortal fact of just looking good, although the frames are so gorgeous we could, but we extra love them because they are actually Doing Good.

They support philanthropic non profits such as A Walk on Water, which provides therapeutic surfing lessons free of charge to special needs kids and their families.

Charity:Water is another non profit supported by Salt. This organization is dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to parts of the world that don’t have the luxury of turning on a faucet.

Salt has also partnered with Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco to help people experiencing homelessness connect with the help and care they need to move forward.

On June 10, 2016 Salt hosted an interactive photography exhibit showcasing nature inspired photography entitled “SeeSalt” with a portion of the proceeds going to support Project Homeless Connect’s Mobile Vision Van. The van provides glasses to nearly 7,000 people suffering from homelessness. For more information about the SeeSalt and Project Homeless Connect go to

So our eyes and our hearts thank you Salt.

For your timeless eyewear designs, for your compassionate dedication to humanity, and for leading by example: doing simple things, and doing them well.


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