Andy Wolf

Stand in your own light.

Be inspired by, and inspire.

Unconventional beauty is the best kind of beauty.

This is what we live for. Brands and companies that truly adhere to this standard of ethics both in their design, and in practical applications.


Andy Wolf clearly understands this and has designed something that you can wear while marching to the beat of your own drum. This line is for people whose style is couture and minimal, yet stands starkly against the mainstream.

For those with a mind of your own,

and a style of your own. 

Andy Wolf Style: 5042

Three friends started the company in 2006: Andreas, Wolfgang and Katharina.

From their humble beginning of 3 friends, it grew to 30, and to presently 50 people. The Andy Wolf company is truly an independent company that has the grit, the guts, and the vision to bring such a beautiful collection to the world.

The epitome of refined

unconventional elegance.

The optical and sunglass collections incorporate unique shapes combined with gorgeously thin acetate- giving the whole collection a compelling modern and elegant feel. But at the same time, the shapes are so unique, it will definitely appeal to people with a creative flair for fashion.

Even in their thicker sunglass frames, there is surprisingly no “bulkiness.”

Each one fits like a dream.

Each frame is made from a single block of acetate plastic, which is one of the reasons they are so sleek and streamline.


Andy Wolf Style 5066

Andy Wolf Style 5066


Truly handmade, there are 50 people and 90 steps that go into the making of a single frame.

It’s admirable that Andy Wolf has decided to put their money where their mouth is, and continues to manufacture where they design. By doing this, they contribute to their local economy, and utilize the talented craftsmen in their own backyard.

Andy Wolf is a beautiful and exclusive independent brand handmade in Austria, and very proud of it.

Designed in Austria, manufactured in Austria. Handmade – in Austria.

Andy Wolf, You inspire us. Welcome to Van Brunt Optical Haus.


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